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re: Void reaver

Void Reaver

* Abilities
* Loot Table
* Class Role
* Positioning
* Pull
* Strategy
* Consumable Items
* Videos
* The Void Reaver Thread (FAQ)


Health: 4 500 000 Hit points

* Arcane Orb: During the whole fight, every 3-4 seconds Void Reaver will randomly select a target and launch an Arcane Orb towards him, upon landing the Arcane Orb deals around 4700-6300 arcane damage to every players in a 20 yards radius and silence them for 6 seconds. The Arcane Orbs move quite slowly, therefore players can easily avoid taking damage by running away from the landing area. Players in melee range wont be targeted by Arcane Orb.
* Enrage: Void Reaver will enrage 10 minutes after you engaged him.
* Knockback: Knockback is a single target ability used every 30 seconds on the target that has aggro (should be the main tank), it will push him back on a small distance and will reduce his threat by a large amount. Thats why you need at least 3 tanks to grab aggro, when the current mt loses aggro after a knockback.
* Pounding: Every 12 seconds, Void Reaver is channeling this pbaoe (point blank area of effect) ability for 3 seconds, dealing up (can be partially resisted) to 2200 arcane damage every second (3 seconds = 3 x 2200 arcane damage) to all players in a 18 yards range.

Loot Table

* [Pauldrons of the Vanquished Champion]
* [Pauldrons of the Vanquished Defender]
* [Pauldrons of the Vanquished Hero]
* [Cowl of the Grand Engineer]
* [Fel Reaver's Piston]
* [Fel-Steel Warhelm]
* [Girdle of Zaetar]
* [Void Reaver Greaves]
* [Warp-Spring Coil]

Class Role

* Druid: Heal your assigned targets (make sure they always have above 6.5k hp).
* Hunter: Dps Void Reaver and avoid Arcane Bolt launched on you, for Void Reaver pull one hunter will be assigned to use misdirection on the main tank to bring Void Reaver in the middle of the room. Regulary use your reducing aggro ability : Feign Death.
* Mage: Dps Void Reaver and use Invisibility when its up.
* Paladin: Heal your assigned players. If a player other than warriors on tanking duty aggro Void Reaver, use Blessing of Protection on him.
* Priest: Heal your assigned targets, as for shadowpriests make good use of improved Fade to manage your aggro/threat.
* Rogue: Since Void Reaver isnt a friendly melee encounter due to his Pounding ability, you wont be more than 2 rogues (usually 1) on this fight, one hint for rogues make good use of Void Reaver hitting box so you only have to do 1 step back to avoid taking damage when he starts pounding (18 yards range). Also use Vanish when he is around 70% to reset your aggro, this way you wont be pull aggro off warriors After Void Reaver used knockback.
* Shaman: Heal, totems (tranquil air totem might be useful if you got high threat classes in your group).
* Warlock: Dps, imp pet for warriors on Void Reaver and use Soulshatter when the cooldown is up.
* Warrior: All warrior tanks have to keep Commanding Shout and Demoralizing Shout up for the whole fight. When you are off-tanking, try to build the maximum threat possible, Pounding damage will feed you with rage that will help you on your aggro generation.


Go to the center of Void Reaver room for the pull, then a hunter will use misdirection on the main tank, once the hunter has done his job the raid can spread in circle around Void Reaver to their assigned areas as shown on the picture above.


This encounter is very simple, since there are no phases, it will remain the same pattern from 100% to 0%. He will enrage ten minutes after being engaged.

Some words on your raid setup, this encounter is not melee friendly due to his pounding ability, therefore you will have very few players in melee range (3-4 warriors on Void Reaver tanking duty and 1-2 rogues), your raid have to be populated with a good amount of ranged dps and healers, watch the picture below for more details on Void Reaver raid setup.

As long as the warriors keep the aggro (aggro rotation each time a tank takes knockback) on Void Reaver, the fight shouldnt be difficult.
Some hints for this fight:
- Keep everyone above 6.5k hp, so they wont die from one Arcane Bolt (ranged dps) or Pounding (tanks and melee dps). Arcane Bolt will never target someone in melee range.
- If a ranged dps get aggro, he has to run in the center of the room and wait for a warrior to pull aggro off him (or Blessing of Protection).
- All dps classes have to regulary use their reducing aggro abilities.

Consumable Items

* [Recipe: Greater Arcane Protection Potion]
* [Recipe: Major Arcane Protection Potion]

Those potions can be used if you go below 6.5k hp, although it shouldnt happen with bandage and dedicated healers.


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